Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ohhh....I finally got the Chunky Fro thing conquered.

I had given up on twistouts. It seemed like no matter what products I used, all I got was frizz.

I've started twisting my hair at night to battle the tangle in the morning. Last night was bentonite clay cleaning night and I'm doing Zhara's hair detox so I don't want to put any commercial products on....y'all know how I love my conditioner. (Ignore that twitch...I'm jonesing for my conditioner.)

Anyway, I have tried everything in the world to do a twist that does not look like a fuzzy ball of yarn. My hair hates most gels. I even tried making a flax seed gel, but I think I'm allergic to the flax seed. I tried it a couple of times to make puffs and each time got little itchy bumps on my neck. Funny I eat flax seed all the time on my salads...oh well.

Rambling again huh....well like I said I'm trying to detox my hair, even though I can't see buildup on my strands, I can feel it. Yeah, I know the cones in the conditioners...but I AIN'T GIVING UP MY AUSSIE MOIST, HELLO HYDRATION, TOTALLY TWISTED, SUAVE HUMECTANT OR SUAVE HEALTHY CURLS...NOT EVEN GONNA HAPPEN. Er...ok...remember I'm jonesing right now.

I have started twisting my hair at night to battle the tangles when I co-wash in the mornings. Last night after I cleansed with the clay, DCed with my "head to toe shea butter mix", olive oil, caster oils and bananas, I used a little sheamoe, glycerine and castor oil to twist my hair. This morning as I took the twist down, preparing to a quick herbal rinse, I started playing with shaping my fro....and "BAM" before I knew it, I was rocking a sweet chunky fro.

I'm feeling a little Cleopatra Jones-ish right now with my bad self.

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coco said...

I'm digging your chunky 'fro! I'm glad I came across this post, too, because I've also had to admit that I can't do twistouts. All I get is fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz. At least now I know I'm not alone. =)