Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the junkie-ism continues

My descent into conditioner junkie-ism (I need to stop making up words) continues. So ya know that box of conditioner I tripped over a few weeks ago...well along with my new love of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, I had a bottle of the Totally Twisted stashed in there. Hello! I have a new love....this stuff makes my coils just POP!

Yeah, yeah I know, I'm supposed to be on that "only homemade products" for the summer, but with the exception of conditioner for co-washes, I did stick with it. It's just that there is nothing like a co-wash with a creamy conditioner. Plus the summer is over, so I can jump back into my commercial conditioner frenzy.

So back to this joy in the purple bottle. Totally Twisted, like all the other Herbal Essence line has a yummy scent to it, making me all the more addicted. I feel madly in love with this stuff.

But wait a minute a new player showed up on the scene, that made want to cheat on my Totally Twisted. I've been seeing Suave's Professional Humectant for some time now. And when Hello Hydration showed up on the scene with it intoxicating orchid and coconut scent, I couldn't help but share my shower time between the two. Well, I happened to be picking up some more Suave Pro Humectant when I noticed Suave's Pro Healthy Curls. The labels says "Defines Curls as well as Redkins". I don't use Redkins, but what the says it defines curls, I'll give at try. Lawd....chile, this stuff is da truth! My coils are popin' and sangin' all over the place. Now the only drawback is that it does not have that luscious smell that the Totally Twisted does. It doesn't smell bad though, just doesn't make me dream of a tropical island the way Totally Twisted does.

Now that I have this luv thang going on with 6 conditioners...don't forget, I'm still totally in love with Suave Natural's Tropical Coconut and Aussie Moist, who do I luv the most? Can't choose, they all give me something special. And since we are all living together in harmony, why mess with that. See that hang out together, even when I'm away.

Coil definition with Totally Twisted:

Coil definition with Healthy Curls:

Warning, if you are afraid of shrinkage....this product is not for you. But I love my shrinkage so the more I have the happier I am. We'll get into that later :D

Another note on the Suave Pro Healthy is hard to find here. I'm not sure if this is a product being phased out. I've only found it in one store in my area so far out of about 10 stores I looked in :(
Nope, not telling cause I don't want y'all going in and grabbing up my stash.