Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey girl....where have you been hiding?

I need to get back to regular blogging now that I have gotten past the 2nd "unwanted" BC at the hands of my former hair dresser.

I had to step away and stop standing in the mirror commanding my hair to grow. I was literally standing there everyday saying "grow dammit grow". And when I stopped watching....guess actually grew!

I've spent the past 3 months focusing on nurturing my hair. My focus has been...moisturize, moisturize, moisturize...and moisturize some more.

My "Good for your body from head to toe" Moisturizer is still a staple. I really only use it during deep conditioning though and not everyday use...on my hair anyway...still use it daily on my body for ash control.

My daily staple is Aussie Moist Conditioner. I swear this stuff has got to be bad for you. No way should hair be this soft and moisturized from a commercial product. But my hair loves the stuff.

So what does my hair routine look like these days?
Well it depends on how I'm feeling on that day. No set routine. I just reach up and feel my hair and decide on that day what type of loving it needs.
I generally co-wash every morning, spay on a conditioner made with (Aussie Moist, glycerin, jojoba oil, distilled water) and do a shake and go.

Just want to give you a warning...make sure you have enough hair on your head to do a shake and go...otherwise you can easily give yourself a concussion. Just a little tip I learned along the way. ;)

Anyhow....I am fond of pre-poos also. My current fave is Micheli07's Pre-Poo concoction. She said that you will have some "juicy hair" if you sleep in this overnight. Girlfriend was not lying. My hair is so soft and moisturized even days after, I can't keep my hands out of it. Yup...I've still got that "hand-n-fro disease" pretty bad.

I've also been doing some homemade mayonnaise treatments. I was adding avocado but I figured out, my hair just does not like it and is always hard afterwards.

Oh and I love castor oil. Love it, love it, love it. Use it in every deep conditioning and pre-poo.

Btw....I've colored my hair. Got sick and tired of the gray hair. The henna just didn't hide it the way I would have liked. It actually made the hair bronze.

Last month, I finally made the firm decision to color. I'd purchased and returned the color so many times it was ridiculous.
I used Dark-n-Lovely's Red Hot Rhythm because that was the color I wanted. Well, I got paranoid that I was going to dry out my hair, so I didn't let it sit on my hair as long as the package recommended. It's not as red as the package, but I love the color! And I have yet to have any breakage or shredding because of it. Yahoooooo!