Friday, July 11, 2008

Confessions of a conditioner junkie

Damn...that's a huge scrape on my arm.

I guess you're wondering what in blue blazes that has to do with conditioner. Er...I tripped over box of it last night. And margaritas were involved.

So I guess your next question is why and how did I trip over a box of conditioner? Well, it was sitting in front of the linen closet and I tripped over it when going to the bathroom in the dark in the middle of the night.

Ok, you've got more questions huh? I never turn the lights on when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I know the path well and I go back to sleep a lot easier if I don't turn lights on.

Now, why was there a box of conditioner sitting in the floor? Wait...did you say a box of conditioner? Well, there's really not any room in the linen closet, that doesn't have many linens because it is stuffed with health and beauty products.

I'm blaming part of it on Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secrets. Every time they have those durn semi-annual sales...well you know. No need to go into all the ugly details and talk about the bags of stuff I have on the floor in the closet.

Before going natural...I did have quite a few hair care products on one shelf. Most of the old "bad for your hair stuff" has been tossed, but now that I've gone natural...the daggone ingredients for my homemade concoctions have spread to two shelves. Them old, butters, herbs and powders take up a lot of room. Not to mention the additives like honey, glycerin...yada, yada, yada.

So, back to the box of conditioner on the floor. I've got quite a few bottles of different brands of conditioners. I co-wash daily, sometimes even twice. I've got a number of conditioners that I've tried. Some I like some I didn't care that much for. The ones I didn't care too much about, I used them in my deep conditioning mixes to use them up. I keep several bottles of my favorites like Sauve Naturals Coconut and Warm Vanilla. Then there's the Aussie Moist.....ummmm this is heaven in a bottle...or so I thought, but I'll get to that.

Disclaimer: It's KMart's fault. I really wasn't in there to buy conditioner. I was headed to look for a patio table when that big ass sale sign caught my attention...they were having their 3 for $8 on Aussie Moist. And before you know it, I was picking up bottles. They only had 2 left....grrr...I know them other nappturals here are the culprits. Can't prove it, but I know it. Anyway, they also had the Herbal Essences line on sale too. I pick up a bottle of the Hello Hydration and check out the ingredient list and it's not too bad, only one cone...I mean my beloved Aussie Moist has got 1 cone in it too. So I grab it to make my 3.

Well, I'm in this "homemade products for the summer" challenge, so I really shouldn't be buying conditioner. But I'm always afraid that they'll either stop making my favorites completely or screw up the ingredients trying to make it "new and improved".

I really wasn't going to use...I really wasn't...but you know a junkie cannot have their product of choice and not resist the temptation. I decided to use the Hello Hydration, because I figured it wouldn't be any good anyway. OMG....this stuff is better than the Aussie Moist...uh-oh! One use and I'm totally hooked. So what's a junkie to do....head back to KMart and buy more conditioner. 12 bottles later and nowhere to store them, I stuck them in a cardboard box until I had time later to "re-arrange"...ok...ok...clean out the linen closet.

So, that is how the box of conditioner came to be sitting in front of the closet and how I tripped over it and how I ended up with this 3 inch scrap on my arm.

{SIGH} I really am not using as much...I am trying to abide by the challenge. I use once or twice a week...ok maybe 3 times. I am trying to cut down to no commercial products for the challenge...but I got that conditioner monkey on my back. :D