Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me and my curl activator phobia....

Ok, you can stop laughing now....really I mean you can stop laughing. I know, you probably have the same vision I have when you think of curl activator. You see this too don't you:

A recent post over on NP made me think about activator and my fear of it again. When I first went nappy, I was on a quest to make my coils pop and stay super moist. Lots of Nappys use activator (my Mom included) to achieve curl/coil pop-age and/or moisture. Soooo....I bought this little container. But it has been sitting in my cabinet for months un-touched.

Earlier in the summer I was going to try to venture into actually using the activator. I was in the bathroom one day trying to psyche myself up to put some in my hair. I stuck my hand in the jar and as soon as my fingers touched the cold, wet almost slimy surface....WHOOSH! I was swept back to the 80's begging my Mom not to make me get a "Scary curl". I had to be the only person in Memphis and the surrounding 200 miles that hated them with a passion. I know, I know...you don't believe me for the sheer fact that I grew up in Memphis and even the dogs had drip drip Jheri Curls. I never had one, never wanted one. Thankfully, she didn't force me down that path. But to this day, I still hate them and the activator associated with that scary time period....plus the fact the Memphis still has not quite let go of the Curl, so every time I go home, I run into someone that makes me re-live the nightmare. (Now, I must say, you Nashvillians can't snicker at all....I've run into quite a few Curls here too...from the drip drip ones to the dry crusty brittle ones...so I wouldn't point any fingers if I were you.)

Anyway, I don't know what it is, but whenever I think about using some activator, I have visions of going to someone's home to visit and when I go to sit down they says "Hold up, let me get a towel. I don't want your greasy ass curl messing up my couch." {shivers}

I'd say my fear of activators is up there with my fear of spiders....and if you know me, you know what it's like for me and a spider to be within 10 feet of each other.

I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to venture in to the curl activator world. I probably should just get rid of the jar I have so I can stop having Jheri Curl flashbacks.

But just in case you need another reason to be scared of activator...remember this:

You would have thought we were on fire with all the wailing and screaming we did after we saw this. This was back in the day when I was still a huge MJ fan. Oh come on you know you were feeling the gloved one then too. I loved him up until the point he became some weird looking creature that even Mama Katherine could no longer recognize.


Kassandra Bragg said...

Girl I feel ya LOL! So I guess that's where Michael started to develop his love of Lace Fronts huh? LOL!



Roscheeta said...

I know what you mean. Who wants the 'Soul Glo' from Coming to America....slimy ewwwww