Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can't believe there is a conditioner out there I am not in love with.

This time, the enabler was Krogers. They were having a sale on the Garnier Fructis products. I've read mixed things on different boards about them. So I decided to give them a try.

I was good this time. I only grabbed 3 bottles: the Moisture Works, the Hydra Curls and the Fortifying Deep Conditioner.

First of all the smell of apples is pleasant...for the 1st 20 minutes anyway. Not something I want to be sniffing all day long.

I loved the Fortifying Deep Conditioner. My hair felt luscious afterwards. It's a keeper.

The Moisture Works...eh...if a find it on sale, maybe I'll pick up a couple of bottles. But not likely. It just does not hold a candle to HE's Hello Hydration or Suave Pro's Humectant...I just luv these two.

Now I was surprised at the Hydra Curls. My hair was a totally frizz ball after it dried. Even the cheapest conditioner not aimed at curly hair has never produced frizz of this magnitude. My hair is super soft...but it's super duper frizzy. My routine is quite simple, co-wash, shake, wrap hair in microfiber towel to soak up excess water, spay with a spritz made of distilled water, jojoba oil, Suave Tropical coconut and glycerin. So it's not like there was much room for error. But just to be sure I tried again the next day. Same results. So the Hydra Curls gets a big thumb down from me.

The Garnier Fructis is a line that I can actually do without. Wow...funny hearing me say that about conditioner. Who is this woman and what did she do with that feining conditioner junkie. I think I'm now clean....SIKE!

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Love your blog. I identify with your day job paying for all the creative stuff! How can we co-exist? Gonna subscribe but I did not see a link to follow you!