Friday, January 4, 2008

I did it, I did it, I did it....I BC'ed!

Yup, ya heard me...I did the big chop. I am au naturale now...well there may still be one or two straggly relaxed ends that I missed. But for the most part, I am chemical free and totally NAPPY!

I wish I could say I woke up and decided...."Hmmmm, I think I'll BC today." Uh-uh not me, I always gotta walk backwards dramatically into doing something. While I was home for Christmas, I caught the cooties from my cousin's daughter. Let's call her Typhoid Trinity....why is it that the little cutest things carry the worst germs. So between fevers up to 105, dehydration, ear infections and totally upper respiratory congestion, I can easily say I was not totally lucid on the day that the chop happened.

I'd been in the bed, sweating due to the fever and for some reason decided to get in the shower too cool off. If I'd been in my right mind, there would have been no way that would have washed my hair, but since I was in a fever induced alter reality, I guess anything was game and I seem to have washed my hair. Ok, mistake that's probably mistake number 3 since I can't stand it to be hot, so I keep my heat around 65-68 degrees and usually have on shorts and no socks. Hot feet are the worse for me. Oh yeah, I sleep with the fan on too.

Here's where my mind gets fuzzy. I can remember getting in the shower, but I have no recollection of getting out of the shower, but I woke up several hours later teeth chattering curled up in the bed with wet hair. I stumbled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and was like WTF....I still had a head full of conditioner. That's normal for me since I like to deep condition overnight. But the thing that stood out was this big ass shower comb in my hair and the hair was tangled all around it. I really wish I'd had a picture cause that crap was too funny now that I think back on it. The relaxed hair was in ugly clumps all over my head. After spending sometime trying to get the comb out and the other parts of the relaxed hair un-clumped, I was like forget it and reached for the scissors.

Clip, clip, clip, clip...FREEDOM!

I ran my hands of my completly chemically free hair and fell more in love with my kinky napps. I am loving my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). Man, I can't wait until I am sporting an Angel Davis BAA (you don't need me to define that do ya?

But now I really am on a re-education plan trying to learn more about caring for my all natural hair. I'm still sick, so I can't wash and go, like I really want to. But I plan to try do some twists or coils this weekend to see how they turn out.

Stay tuned for more updates. Love ya.

Me an my new nappies. Ain't they beautiful?

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