Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is this a home-made hair care product list....or a grocery list?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Aloe Vera Gel and Juice
Chamomile tea
marshmallow root
horsetail herb
mayonnaise (ya'll know I can't stand the taste of mayo)

You would think that I was preparing to cook up some stuff....but no this is part of my home-made hair care shopping list. I swear I have become addicted to making my own products and have quickly become and ingredient junkie, instead of a product junkie. I really need to stop hanging out over at Nappturality, they are just a bunch of enablers :)

But I must say, my hair...including the raggly relaxed ends are loving the natural ingredients.

My favorite is my "Good for your body from head to toe" Moisturizer.

Shea Butter
Coconut Oil (the solid kind)
Sweet Almond Oil
Caster Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Patchuli e.o.
Tea Tree e.o.
Aloe Vera Gel

I don't measure anything so each time it's a little different. I start by whipping the shea butter and little coconut oil together. Add a little of the liquid oils until you get a consistency you like. Sometimes I like a thick cream, other times I like it more lotion-like. Add your essential oils. My relaxed hair doesn't like glycerin or aloe Vera gel too much when it is dry, so I reserve those for deep conditioning days.

When I get out of the shower, I put this moisturizer on from head to foot....literally. On hair washing day, I use the same mixture with a little cholesterol conditioner and add glycerin and aloe Vera gel. Put it on my hair, wrap in plastic wrap, put on a skull cap and then wrap in a big fluffy towel and let it sit for at least 2 hours. This past weekend, I decided to condition overnight....and my did my hair love it. My hair is still moisturized, so I haven't had to add the concoction to my dry hair yet. Will probably do it tonight since it has been 4 days now.

I have started using Moe's Hair Growth Oil. (Moe is da bomb. Her MoeSheAloe recipe is all the rave.) Again, my relaxed hair just doesn't like Aloe Vera, so if I do a mid-week wash, I use this a quick conditioner. Can't wait until I'm fully natural to use it.)
Ok, went of on a little tangent there, but I'm not doing any challenges with the growth oil, since I am still doing mini-cuts every other month when the mood hits me. Once I do the BC, I'll porbably join in on one.

The ladies over at Nappturality is great about sharing their hair care recipes, they are all over the forums, but there is a special section for them. Home-made Hair Care Products. Check it you, your hair will love you for it. Ta-ta for now.


Nedra said...

Well written article.

Roscheeta said...

I love nappturality probably wouldn't be natural without them.

Carol said...

Nice article about hair loss. I really found your articles informative and beneficial.

Alfred said...

I only use Natural products instead of using chemical products.