Friday, November 9, 2007

Hand-in-fro Disease.....

Man do I have a bad case of I think it's contagious.

So, I'm just sitting here minding my own business when I feel these fingers running through and massaging my naps. Well, I've got both keys on the keyboard, so how the hell is that possible...did I sprout another arm or something. I look around and a friend of mine (he's got this stealthy way of sneaking up and catching you un-aware) is standing there with his hand buried deep in my faux fro. He grins and says he loves how soft my hair is and can't keep his hands out of it since the first I let him touch my naps.

Well you know the massage was feeling good, so no way am I gonna stop him. But I totally understand where he is coming from. I suffer badly from hand-in-fro disease and have to mentally reprimand myself to keep my hands out of my faux fro (still gots lots of that blasted relaxer on the ends, so I can't claim to have a true fro).

When I got over those first "creamy crack" joneses at the sight of my new growth and really touched and played with the newly developing crinkly texture, I was helplessly hooked. I was constantly playing with the newly forming coils I was finding all over my head. I would do it at my desk, in the car, laying on the couch and watching tv....pretty much anywhere. Addicted for sure.

I did think I was completely and totally nuts...not far from the truth anyways. But then I learned from other nappturals, that this was actually quite common in the nappy world and it had an actually name....HAND-IN-FRO. Now how 'bout that!

Hand-in-fro is the uncontrollable desire to constantly play with the beautiful, nappy texture of one's hair. I can't think of a time when I was fully relaxed, that I wanted to play in my hair.....shoot getting that way cost way too much and that style needed to last. Plus, even though I have always had soft hair....I don't remember it being this soft while relaxed. But then, can anything that has been beat straight with harsh chemicals be truly soft? {Kicks soapbox back under desk}.

Hand-in-fro is not necessarily a good thing. Playing with hair that much can only lead to breakage. I've been lucky so far, that I haven't caused breakage at that fragile place where the fried relaxed hair meets my luxurious kinky coily naps.

Oh, I did mention that it was contagious too, huh. Well we have been taught that nappy hair is brittle, course and dry. Well I have certainly been re-educated. Properly cared for nappy hair is soft, well moisturized without being greasy (you can't fry fish in my hair anymore), and just all around healthy in general. Once folks get a feel of healthy nappy hair, they love it. (I know, I'm always sticking my hands in my Moms fro). Now don't get me wrong, don't just walk up on the street and stick your hands in my would be in your best interest to actually know me and know whether or not I'd give you rights to do this without asking. I am not totally opposed to strangers asking, if they are polite about doing it.....for the most part anyway.

I have done really well while typing this. Hand-in-fro only twice.


kasey1love said...

I have the disease LOL......What can I say it just feels soooooooo good :-)

Roscheeta said...

I have the same disease actually I don't even think I want to be cured at all.....