Saturday, January 9, 2010

Henna of the wrong color

Now I know fresh henna is supposed to be greenish. But Leprechaun green, it should not be.

As usual, I can't always find my prefered henna brands, so I will experiment and try a different one. But as soon as I opened this package, I knew it was all wrong.

First of all the color was way too bright a lime green. Second, the smell coming from the henna was oily smelling.

No way was I using this un-known product. But just out of curiosity, I decided to mix a little up to see what happened. This frightened me even more.

What the heck is in this stuff...Incredible Hulk blood??????

I did have an older package of my preferred brand and this is along the colors, I expect to see henna. Maybe a little brighter if it extremely fresh.

The owners of the store where I purchased this henna are pretty nice, so I'll take it back to them and ask some questions. I hope they will get the brand I use back in soon. Otherwise I may have to use an on-line source to be certain, I am getting 100% henna.

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