Monday, November 2, 2009

Working it out Fro-tastically! Can you dig it?

For Halloween, I went to a 70's party and decided I'd go as a fashionably fly sista heading to the skating rink. Now I don't know about you, but we LIVED to go skating. We went every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and any other special day during the week that might have gotten thrown in.

I turned 10 in 1980...but I spent the previous years anticipating being a teenager and being fly like my older cousins and their friends. But when the 80's rolled around, our dress changed. I was able to be cool in my neon, lace, slouching shirts, 80's gear, but it wasn't the same flyness the 70's wear held.

I was excited as I sat down making the pom-poms for my skates for the party...and I remember the days when I was younger and we'd make pom-poms to match our outfits. Boy I miss those days.

All week I'd been preparing my hair to do a fro. I had several failed attempts before. My hair won't fro like one of those beautiful Big Ass Afros from the 70's.
I definitely was not willing to do a blow out with heat to achieve it...I'd buy a fro wig first. A fellow natural told me to keep my hair stretching in twist-outs and not to wash my hair. Then the day of, us a deman on small sections and concentrate on the ends. I sprayed each section with a glycerin/water/oil mix and then brushed that section. Before you know it...I'd achieved a BAA. So fresh, so fly.
(Er..side note....I've got that shrinky-dinky hair, so the BAA morphed into a MAA...but that was ok, it was still perfectly rounded and so fresh.)

Buuuut....when I saw the tiny broken ends all over the place...I said never, never, never again. My hair will probably be mad at me for a minute. Plus I'd sprinkled purple glitter in my hair....and damn, I'm still trying to get that mess out.

Anyway. I was please with the out come, all night folks kept telling me I looked like I'd just ripped open a time portal and stepped right out of the 70's. Nothing fake looking about me. I didn't get the wear the skates...(insurance concerns by the event's host and whatnot)...but that was cool. I'd talked to him about it before so I knew the deal going in. So I spent part of the time standing posing like I was a model in Ebony or Jet from the 70's....oh how I love that decade.

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