Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's your hair type? Ummmm....NAPPY....and don't ask me again, unless you wanna get cussed out!

Holy cow....what is the deal with folks and hair type? Damn...let it go!

For the 40th time, I've told a friend, I don't really know what my hair type is and I don't care...stop asking me and stop trying to tell me what you think it is. All I know is my hair is NAPPY...that's N-A-P-P-Y, for the stupid that need letters for a hair type.

If hair typing is your thing, ok go for it. But stop trying to shove it down the throats of us that really don't give a rat's ass. If you are asking me because you want know how I take care of my hair because we have a similar But if you are doing it because you are into the the damn hierarchal "good hair vs bad hair" BS....don't ask me, cause I will go off on you...plain and simple.

Can ya tell, I'm more than just a little irritated? I think I need a Margarita...and it ain't even lunchtime yet!

NOTE: BTW, if you are relaxed and have been so most of your the hell do you know what your hair type is anyway?

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Blythe said...

lol, Hi I stumbled upon you after searching for ways to get back my natural curls. I've been straight permed since I was 9 (my mother's choice) and now I'm stuck with it. I have NO IDEA what my natural texture will look like, but I'm pretty sure I'm nappy as all-get-out too. I admire you and those who embrace their natural NAPPY. Hopefully my journey back to the other side doesn't end in disaster XD