Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi my name is Dez...and I am a conditoner junkie...for real.

That dang-blasted KMart has done it again. Keeping me caught up in the conditioner addition. I didn't get a Sunday paper, so I thought I'd breeze through to see if my favorite Herbal Essence conditioners were on sale.

HOLY SMOKES....the Suave Pro products were 3 for $5! Now,this is the only store I've seen the Healthy Curls conditioner. Every other store only has the spritz and mousse...no place markers for the conditioner as though the don't even carry it. But KMart...at least the one near me does.

So what's a junkie to do? You know the routine, I snatch up bottles. I got all 11 bottles there. (Now this is not my usually glazed over "conditioner-on-sale" induced high I usually get...I snatched up all those bottle because I mean I cannot find them at any other store here. Plus I'm not sure if Suave is phasing the product out or not. There's also the shop-lifting my Mom does on my products when she visits...ok I usually give them to her, but she's Mom...like I have any other choice.)

Ok back to where I was. You should have seen the cashier. She was a sista too, but she just couldn't believe I was buying all this conditioner. She thought I was a hair dresser buying it for a shop. She was thrown for a loop when I told her it was all for me. If she had been a police office, she probably would have given me a sobriety test. :)

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Lovely Lady Luxe said...

I'm a conditioner junky myself! I've been natural for over 8 years and I have tried and tested almost every conditioner known to man! Sometimes I'll go down the conditoner isle at the store and do a "curl test". I'll put some conditoner on my finger, run it down one strand of my hair, and if it's the right consistency and makes the strand curl, it gets the thumbs up! I know, it's pretty scandalous, huh!? I have too much time on my hands! lol!